North Carolina Robots

Hi i just wanted to compile a list of teams going to North Carolina
21 ComBBAT
48 Delphi E.L.I.T.E
79 Team Krunch
122 NASA Knights
337 Hard Working Hard Hats
379 RoboCats
393 Full Metal Jackets (FMJ393)
401 Hokie Guard
435 Robodogs
449 The Blair Robot Project
539 Titans
587 Hedgehogs
832 Oscar
900 Team Infinity
1086 Blue Cheese
1249 Robo Rats
1311 Longhorns
1319 Flash
1519 Mechanical Mayhem
1533 Triple Strange
1598 Team Talon
1741 Red Alert
1772 AIDTEC Trail Blazers
1811 FRESH
[]([( Flying Platypi
3185 WHAT?!?
3196 S.P.O.R.K.
3215 Grimsley Whirlies
3229 Hawktimus Prime
3259 Maroons
3331 Tarheel Robots
3336 Pirates
3346 Blue Comet Robotics
3394 CCCMC Knights
3402 Technoprisoners](1902 Exploding Bacon

Cool! Go NC! We should have some pictures if our 'bot up soon.

Can’t wait until North Carolina! We should have some pictures up soon.

I also can’t wait until NC. Just a nice 2hr drive instead of another 6hr one. :slight_smile:
Here is a video of our robot during driver tryouts:

Yeah i just added it im just going to keep adding them to the first list so i dont have to keep posting the same thing

That looks like the ball goes more than 3 inches past the frame perimeter.

It is a 9 hour drive for Bacon, but we’re excited to be coming to the NC regional!

It does, the robot is not finished in this video.

yeah 2228 has a 13 hour bus ride

It’s a little longer drive for us, but we are also super excited :slight_smile:

Your robot looks really awesome!! Good luck at NC :slight_smile:

Thank you! Good luck to you too.

There’s now a video on our team’s web page at of our robot’s best 60-second scoring performance from the Week 1 Granite State Regional.

In the clip, the robot acquires and shoots 6 balls into goals – three from the midfield zone, one from the near zone, and then (since the score was 9-1 at that point) two shots fired the length of the field to go into the opponents goals (effectively “far zone” shots.)

Before the North Carolina Regional, we hope to get more video online showing our 5-kick autonomous mode (including an autonomous bump crossing) and our defensive play during the elimination rounds (after autonomous mode ended, we played defense on our elimination alliance at GSR.)

As the only team from New England at the North Carolina Regional, we’re eagerly looking forward to meeting a whole bunch of teams we’ve never encountered before!

Very nice performance. I’ll be interested to see how your robot does when facing a bit more…palpable defense.

I might get yelled at for putting this up, but what the heck. Our robot eats bumps for breakfast this year, We can take it full speed over and the wheels never leave the ground. This vid is about half speed over the bumps.

Note that we could also destroy kitbots if so inclined… Ours is now bent into interesting shapes.

Hmmm. That video seems familiar… I wonder why? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, after going to the VCU regional, I’m happy that we are going to be at NC also! From a 64 team regional to only 44 teams! :]

GL to everyone and see everyone on the field!

Yes, the defense played against was not amazing or obvious. When we are defended, we do suffer with losing control of balls and collecting them; however, our team has been working hard with the weight we have left to improve ball control and these mechanisms seem to be very, very promising and efficient. Also, our drivers have been practicing so while that video is good and shows what most likely is the best 60 seconds of GSR for us, our goal is to consistently perform like we did in that minute and then some.

10 days left until we leave and can’t wait to compete with/meet some new people in North Carolina! :slight_smile:

If that’s breakfast, then our bot eats bumps for a snack. For more info, check out our runaway autonomous in the Peachtree Regional thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t believe Week 4 is nearly upon us! The competition is going to be heavy though… I count:

44 Total teams competing at the North Carolina Regional!
31 Teams that have already been to a competition this year! (Including 2 that went to 2 Regionals!!)
16 Teams that made it into the Quarter-Finals!
10 Teams that made it into the Semi-Finals!
3 Teams that made it into the Finals!
2 Teams that became Regional Champions!
1 Andy Baker as Lead Inspector!
And 13 Teams we have yet to see compete!