North Eastern "Blizzard"

As in years past…there is yet another snow storm that will hinder in the building process of robots.

This year it hits at the beginning of week 6 and comes with the promises of 8-12 inches (in NJ according to Weather Channel).

What do you think will happen…will it hit us…how much will we get?

Most importantly how will it affect your robot?

hey we are up here in Alaska we have had a few blizzards volcanic eruptions, hurricane force winds and are still going strong so get over it you sissies, :cool:

No snow here yet. :rolleyes:

Silly weathermen.

No snow here. some solid precip but nothing that has slowed fabrication.

Not only is the weather quieter than it has been in season’s past, things overall are quiet. Just an observation.

Whaaaat?!? How can you let mother nature come before the ship date? Nothing comes before the ship date! :stuck_out_tongue:

The weather service is predicting about a twelve inches for our area, but I think we are going to have a meeting through the storm anyway. The only way this changes our plans is now we are going to have yet another snowball fight at like 2 AM. :stuck_out_tongue:

We had a snowball fight immediatley following shipping the crate last year… Was quite a good end to a build season… Worst comes to worse, we get snowed in, and advantage of that? More time to work on the robot. :smiley:

::looks out window::

We’re getting snow here (central NJ), though nothing heavy yet. Still, our school has decided it won’t take any chances and is already closed for the weekend, forcing us to relocate and throwing a bit of a wrench into our building plans. The snow better not disable us too much. Didn’t anyone tell mother nature about the ship date?!?!

It’s supposed to begin soon. I don’t think there will be too much affect on our robot, but that’s just our team.

It’ll affect the robot a little bit, more because of the facility we use the snows going to make us lose a day tomorrow, which just means we work later tonight so no real ‘time’ lost just a long night. Sides every night now is long

Yes unfortunately we miss tomorrow which i guess means less driver practice…blizzard like conditions are in the forecast…oh well…thats what we get for living in CT…we’ll be ready though

I think this minor snow storm has perfect timing, it’s forcing my team to rest (or catch up on Homework) on Sunday so we’re extra ready for this last week of build!

We have the luckiness of liveiong on the other sid eof the Appalachians, so we won’t get hit unless that storm is really strong. Unfortunately, we get lake effect off lake erie, so we still get the lost time.

Actually, the most hindering part of the build so far for us in CT has been the fact that we knew there was no school on the last 2 days of build. Presidents day holiday and all.
That’s annoying.

As for the snow, it hasn’t hit CT yet, but we are expected as of a few hours ago to get hit around 1am and get 10-12" of the white junk.
We will know by 11am tomorrow whether or not we can build.

I thought we were done with winter.

Groundhog… I hate you. :mad:

It’s not too bad here, just a about a quarter inch and it’s slowing, we’re gonna be here a while…

Colorado didn’t have a blizzard this winter, yet. Actually, we so far have a relatively warm winter (down here in Denver area). I wonder if we are getting a blizzard in late April again? Frozen tulips just broke my heart last year. </3

luckily here in rochester, we arent supposed to get much snow from this except a couple inches but we get some lake effect here off of ontario but it hasnt hurt us yet…at least its better than the ice storm we had a couple years ago :slight_smile:

This is the actual photo of what the groundhog saw

Were having the type of snow that we hate but the mentors love. Constant snowfall but only precipitation on side streets and grass. My backyard has 6 inches, my driveway has 0 (Mainly because I plowed it, but it would still only have 1-2 inches of snow on it).

well, for the first time ever because of the snow , they **forced ** the mechanical sub team out of the warehouse on time, so were going to have to kick it up a notch this year, if it snows next week, were going to end up in somebodies basement finishing it up.

The snow is falling and the roads are pretty icey. But that has never stopped team 888. We’ve been known to break into the school to get some work done. Of course, there’s always time for snowball warfare.