Northeast teams

I am predicting that North East teams overall will not be as good as past years. Soooooo many snow days have been taken so far we have lost over a week of build already.

1676 has actually been relatively unharmed by the snow days so far; they’ve have only lost 2 or 3 days of building, and luckily those happened to be their shorter meeting times. They were able to extend some other meetings to make up our lost time. They’ll probably have another snow day tomorrow, but luckily for them again it’s only one of their 3 hour meetings instead of a late-night meeting, so they might be able to lengthen their work times this weekend to compensate if needed.

Going to disagree with this.

Most of the teams I’ve seen from MAR so far actually seem stronger than previous seasons. 11 and 193 have lost quite a few days, including tomorrow night already, but they have been prepared for a while and are working around it.

You can say the same thing about teams in the south but it’s not relevant…

Our team for instance has actually gotten more done with the multitude of snow days.

I’m not sure about other areas but our 32 day build schedule (we can’t do weekends at our school) has been cut down to 19 days due to cold, ice and snow. It has definitely affected our final product. Honestly, the the whole thing has been a bit disappointing for me.

One thing to be aware of NE teams: many of them have 10+ seasons of experience to go from (2nd Law Enforcers included). We have learned to adjust our meeting schedules accordingly or use whatever time we do have efficiently. For example, during the 2013 Suffield Scrimmage we only had a drive base while a group stayed behind, in our team HQ, to continue tweaking our Frisbee launcher.

In a nutshell, weather does weigh us down, but it will only make us work harder.

So far I don’t believe 3467 has been hurt by the snow this season.

This year our team decided not to meet on Wednesdays so we could have a mid-week break and give students more time to focus on homework (grades before robots). Thankfully all of our snow closing have happened on Wednesdays. Due to the storm tomorrow our team met today and tonight we emptied the school of what we needed and tomorrow will have a small meeting at our sponsor’s shop (also where I work) for electrical, programming, and mechanical teams.

From what I have heard from teams around us snow hasn’t been a big issue for the New England.

I’m not sure about down in MAR, but up here in New England we haven’t had that many snow days. Tomorrow will be our 3rd day lost to snow. Much better than the 5 days in a row, including a weekend, that we lost from blizzard Nemo last year, plus almost missing a regional. Although on the other hand, it’s worse than 2012 when I don’t think we lost a single day.

Minnesota, on the other hand…

Midwest (Wisconsin) here, and we’ve lost at least 5 days because of absolutely freezing cold (-50 windchills, etc).

It actually hasn’t been that bad over here-- we’ve only had about 5 days of cancelled school due to dangerous windchill (below -40).

I feel the most affected will be teams in the Capital Region (Virginia, DC, and Maryland) because we in Maryland will have lost about 7 or 8 days of school just due to snow. Especially with over a foot of snow on the ground I doubt we will be getting into our build space in the next few days. Hopefully by this weekend, but with our bad snow removal no one knows.