Northern California Practice Day 2018! (We're back)

The Fembots (FRC Team 692) is hosting Practice Day with Kennedy Robotics (FRC Team 3250) from 8am-6pm on February 17, 2018. Registered teams will receive a pit area and will have the opportunity to play with robots in timed matches and interact with other teams.

Practice Day will be hosted by St. Francis High School in our “Robotics” Armory, where we have space for at least 16 pits (10’x10’), full-sized field, plenty of bleachers and outlets, and a bathroom.

Sign up here on our website to RSVP your team’s spot at Practice Day 2018.

If you or your team have any questions, please contact Coach LisaMarie Isaacs at or send an email to our team at

[The Fembots appreciates our sponsors for providing financial and logistical support: St. Francis High School, Interstate Plastics, Apple, and The Brin Wojcicki Foundation.]


Really excited to see this event come back!

Will the field border for this event be wood or one of the metal fields that FIRST CA has?

We are looking forward to this!


Digital Minds will be there for sure!

701 is excited to get some quality practice before comp season begins.

Thank you 692 and 3250 for putting this on!

Everything will be out of wood. Thanks!

I hope sign ups for this are going well! We’ve encouraged all our Yolo county teams to attend.

Let us know if you are looking for support with the event.



There will be a couple of LRIs available for practice inspections for teams that would like to take advantage of the opportunity.

Things are looking good – as of now, we have 15 teams and 20 robots signed up. We’re getting close to maximum capacity, but spreading the word is always great. :cool:

We really appreciate having Robot Inspectors attending Practice Day!

Thanks! Looking forward to it.

Heyo, im here from team 5496, we were wondering if any game pieces or elements were needed? We have all the game pieces and elements that we are willing to bring up. Cant wait to see everyone there!

Is there a list of teams attending?