Northern Lights 2017

Northern Lights (Duluth, MN) looks to be a great week one regional to showcase Steamworks.

Here are some of the teams/accolades:

HOF: 27 Team Rush
RCA: 525, 2512, 3313, 4607
Previous Regional Winners: 27, 525, 2175, 2491, 2502, 2512, 2518, 2530, 2883, 3130, 3278, 3313, 4011, 4226, 4607, 5172, 5232
Previous Minnesota State Champs: 2175, 2512, 3130, 3883, 4607, 5172

And numerous other teams with great awards too long of a list to lay out here.

This will be one of the best Week One regionals to kick off the FRC season ever! It will be an event that all of the FRC community will want to watch come all the way through eliminations!

Well, if nothing else I can project that Northern Lights will be insanely competitive. I am really interested to see how well a lot of the teams coming preform, and I look forward to an example that could be set that hopefully helps develop Minnesota as a more diverse state as to robot abilities.

I would like to dream that team 27 comes and talks with our regional planning committees about districts, because with around 210 teams in Minnesota, I think we need more events. Seeing or hearing of this happening would make my day. BUT we are not debating districts here. (go look at other threads if you want that.)

I would say it’s a toss up as to who the winners are, especially if alliance selection doesn’t behave (1 & 2 don’t team up… etc…)

This will be a great event in 2017, and I look forward to the hype.

This is the most competitive event I’ve ever seen in Minnesota… Can’t wait to put Steamworks to the test with all these incredible teams! Bison Robotics will once again be in attendance with between 30 and 50 volunteers. We’re all ready for this thing to get started…

I want to thank you, and all of Bison robotics for the sheer number of volunteers you guys bring to MN events, because a lot of them couldn’t happen without the 30-50 people you guys bring.

It was really competitive last year, and now you add 27, 525, 3130 and 2175?! This is going to be ridiculous.

I look forward to watching, and I feel a little better about going back to Iowa this year…

I’m glad that my first FRC competition season event will be this competitive!