Northern MN Off Season Volunteers

Good day CD
My name is Jesse and I am the president of the NMNRC (Northern Minnesota Robotics Conference). Some may call this a Hub, but we chose our name and are recognized by the MN High School league like a athletic conference. There are several dues paying teams represented by the NMNRC. We have been working on starting a off season event for the last several months. We have teams that have hosted week 0 and kickoff events and some of us have assisted with set up at other off seasons and volunteered in non key roles at regionals. We have several Key people willing to work our event but the NMNRC and MN FIRST need a few more key people. Our main concern at this point is a FTA. The NMNRC needs to fill this spot before MN FIRST agrees to rent us the official field. Our event is planned to take place on Oct.28 in Cass Lake MN. We have 15 teams committed to attend and don’t feel we will have a problem getting up to 18. We need to know soon if this event is going to be a go.
Please post or PM me if you are willing to help


This is really cool. Do you have a name for this event?

I’ve forwarded this information to my team, and I’ll let you know if anything comes of it, whether it be our attendance or sending up some volunteers. Since the latter seems more likely, how many volunteers do you need in non-key roles?

Bison Robotics has this event on our calendars and we will be there to help out. Unfortunately we don’t have any FTA’s in our ranks, but I’m sure somebody will turn up! Looking forward to this event and I hope you find your FTA!