Northern NJ Practice Field?

Hello NJ folks!

This year I’m mentoring 3142 from Newton, NJ. We are a small team with all new members, and we are proud to have constructed a robot that should be able to score consistently in the upper hub. However, we are seriously lacking in space for driver practice and for setting up field elements.

As a very recent transplant to New Jersey, I don’t yet have a large network to ask for help. However, I remember how valuable a network like this can be. When I was mentoring Team 2930 in WA, one of the most important keys to our success was being able to go to 2522’s practice field to dial in autonomous modes and practice driving. Even though we never made more than 2-3 trips there per year, just being there for a few hours was the most valuable thing we could do before the competition outside of actually building the robot.

Are there any teams out there in Northern NJ that have a carpeted area with some field elements constructed, and would be willing to have our small team over for a few hours? It absolutely does not have to be a full field or even a half field; just some space to do some cycles. If we want to collaborate going forward, Team 3142 would gladly assist in building or paying for a shared field next year.

To everyone this season, good luck and have fun!



@John_Bottenberg I am not 100% if they have a full field up and running yet, but 11 has always had a practice area in the past.

Your best bet is to contact the new lead, Don Biery
[email protected] or Ernie DiCicco [email protected]

Otherwise I’d reach out to @Hallry on 1676

And for what it’s worth, I’m very excited to see what kind of changes you bring to 3142! Hopefully you shake up the dynamics in NJ a bit!


John, We’re in Metuchen. Should be building practice elements this weekend. We will have a small (15x30) carpeted area in the shop by the weekend. We will be able to practice hanging in the shop, but ceilings not high enough for shooting. We need to use the gym.

303 in Bridgewater always had a practice field that we’d use a couple of times a year, but they lost it in the Ida floods. I don’t know if they’ve had the ability to re-create it yet.

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Unfortunately 1676 doesn’t have a permanent full-field, just a temporary quarter-field that has to be re- and disassembled each day in the school cafeteria (where the ceiling is too low to practically shoot high anyway). Most of the shooting practice is done with a mock-up goal in the school’s lobby.

But, that being said, I’m sure 1676 would be more than happy to have you visit on a weekend, when the field can be left up from Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon. I’m actually up in Boston for grad school nowadays, but last I checked 1676 had a marked-up quarter-field carpet and the team-version wooden field elements. Message me for more information if you’d like!

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Thanks everyone for the very quick and helpful responses! I look forward to meeting you all someday, perhaps during the competition season. I’ll reach out to MORT first for the practice field situation, since they are geographically the closest.

Hey John,

The suggestions listed here are good, 11 indeed has built a practice field/field elements in the past for practice. I will message if I have information regarding 219/11, considering that we’re within the same geographical area. :grinning:

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John, Glad to have you here in the upper west side of NJ, Please feel free to email me, [email protected] and we can connect and talk about practice.


Maybe consider the week 0 event on LI in a few weeks. Not too far from NJ

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Unfortunately, we’re competing at Bridgewater that day. We actually are competing Week 1 and Week 2, since Bridgewater and Mount Olive are the closest district events to us. We share this suboptimal schedule with 9 other teams.

Email sent!

It’s a long trip for just a Week 0 event plus we’re actually competing that weekend 3,000 miles away.