NorthSTAR center

Construction work is starting today In Northern Minnesota! Or maybe I should say destruction…
Phase one is remodeling an existing building on the Beltrami county fairgrounds site.
In phase 2 we will be prepping and starting the construction of the new 60x120 ft building.
This is going to be a multi-year endeavor. We are leveraging our sponsors and community organizations and companies to help us reach our goal.
Stay tuned for updates and check us out on our website.

NMRC North STAR Center Flyer.pdf (1.6 MB)


This is exciting news for MN! Where are you at in the fundraising? Is the new building going to be heated?


We are a little over halfway to our approximately half a million dollar goal.
The building will have a heated slab fully insulated for year-round use.
We hope to complete renovations of the smaller existing building by the end of the 23-24 school year.
And break ground on the 60x120 structure spring of 24.