Northwest Regional

I have a good friend who works at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Apparently the foundation has a pot of money which is given out as grants to support education, and world health issues.

She told me on the QT that the regional would be held on the date originally stated at the Keyarena (wherever that is) and is expected to hold around 50-60 teams:eek:. She also said that BG was very impessed with FIRST and was weighing in in a big way throught his foundation.

Apparently there are around a dozen or so High Schools in the Seattle Area and when you include the close suburbs, the number grows to around 35. BG was going to fund all of these schools for the first couple of years to get this started in the NW.

This was apparently the reason that so many slots are being held back in the NW. The reason for the possible date change was that, apparently there was a conflict in BG’s schedule which would prevent him from attending:rolleyes:. It was resolved and he will be attending to support the grants to the MS teams.

There is supposed to be an announcement on the foundation web site sometime in the next few weeks.

Just remember… you heard it here FIRST.:slight_smile:

WOW! Sounds good to me. It’s nice to hear that someone with the money is doing something good for a worthy cause like FIRST. I like it! Don’t give the money to your kids, invest it in us. :smiley: I think if this is true we need to send the Gates a bumper sticker that says “I’m spending my kid’s inherritance.” Not that that could happen, he has way too much money for that. Anyway, I think this is a good rumor.

The Northwest regional sounds great. I have relatives in Seattle and I just had a vacation there in early September.

The Key Arena will be great. It’s where the Seattle Supersonics play and it is located right at the foot of the Space Needle. It is also right next door to the Experience Music Project. I have a feeling that you will have a lot to do in the area, and the team party will most likely be really cool.

Looking at the Sonics home schedule, it seems unlikely that the PAC NW regional will happen at Key Arena without changing the Sonics schedule. Looking at the Sonics opponent for 3/15, it seems very unlikely that they will move the game because it may already be sold out.


p.s. - also note that the Sonics have at least 1 home game during each weekend of the regional season.

That’s never stopped people before.

Yeah Eddie, I can just imagine telling a bunch of baskettball fans that they can’t see the Sonics play because some high school kids need the space to play with their toy robots. So which side would you pick to come out of that riot on top? Probably not the high school kids. Seriously though, the The key was built for the Sonics so they are the priority. The only way aroiund it I could see is turning the game into an away game but that would require refunds, loss of revenue, and hoping that the other team’s schedule permits the change. Way too many variables. But hey, I’m not infallible, it could happen. Ugh! thinks she just quoted a McDonalds commercial

If there is anyone here who is helping to arrange the seattle regional, you should also look into inviting Bill Nye the Science Guy as an announcer or something… He lives in Seattle or Seattle area, and is really interested in this type of stuff. He is a visiting professor at Cornell (Mech E grad '77 :D) and I had the opportunity to ask him if he’d heard of FIRST. He hadn’t, and I told him about the Seattle regional and how he should check it out. So someone out there should track him down and send him an invitation. It’d be great to have him as a supporter of FIRST too.