Nosebleeds at Competition - Entire Driveteam?

So I’m here to ask if this has happened to other teams, but this entire season at Monterey Bay Regional, and San Francisco Regional our driveteam has been experiencing nosebleeds. We all were staying decently hydrated and it wasn’t dry at other comps… I’m not asking for medical causes - just curious to see if other teams experience this at all.


Never had this issue when I was a drive team member for my team.

Being on the field can be an extremely stressful experience, so it may come from just plain stress.

I would recommend talking to a doctor about that. Seems like your bodies must all be intaking something you shouldn’t, that may be causing your nosebleeds.

I get nosebleeds by eating too much junk food, dehydration/overheating, sometimes I don’t even know why. 90%+ of the time, it’s junk food for me. But never during a competition.

Never had any at comps from directly being related to driveteam…
could be a change in air pressure/sea level height maybe?


Our driver had one, I thought it was due to change in humidity and a bit of allergies thrown in there with stress. We

Got one at like every event I went to this season.

Honestly, dehydration might be one of the causes?

There can be plenty of causes. Differences in humidity, dehydration, differences in elevation, or different pollen in different areas. After you get a nosebleed or in the morning I would always put some sort of moisturizer like Vaseline in your nose to help it from getting dry. I wouldn’t worry about it too much but if people are getting multiple nosebleeds in a day then you might start having a slight problem with iron deficiency depending on the person’s diet.

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