Not able to access Network Tables while GRIP is deployed

Thanks to the new update we are finally able to deploy GRIP.

However, now we are running into a new problem. GRIP is successfully deployed, and we can we can see the camera feed in smart dashboard, (using the new GRIP feature) but we are having troubles accessing Network Tables using Outline Viewer.

We put the IP of the RIO into outline viewer and nothing is showing up in it (not even an empty GRIP folder.)

Does Network Tables need to be initialized somehow on the RIO, or are we just doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Is a robot program running? If so, NetworkTables is running on the roboRio (it’s started during program startup).

What IP address did you use? I would highly recommend using the name (e.g. “roborio-XXX-frc.local”) rather than the raw IP. Can you ping the IP/name you used?

If you run outlineviewer from a cmd prompt you’ll see what error messages it may be printing out (most likely it can’t connect to the roboRio for some reason).