Not able to get Comms over WiFi bridge or Ethernet tether but able to over USB

When I tether via USB, the robots gets comms, deploys, enables and everything properly. The IP is something like 17.22.x.x I’m not sure but it’s always that when tethered over USB, however when I switch to WiFi or Ethernet, and open MAX it says “Inconsistent IP Settings”, not only that but it also displays that the IP is different something along the lines of 169.x.x.x again I can’t remember it all, but it’s not the same and the robot will not get comms, deploy, or enable. However, the WiFi bridge does display a network that can be connected to by the laptop, and I just flashed firmware on the WiFi bridge yesterday and re-configured it aswell.

Have you tried Re-imagining your RIO? That’s one of the things my team checks as well as the bridge if we are having issues connecting.

Also make sure your Driver station has your team number entered into it.

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My driver station has the teams number in it yes, and I reset the bridge entirely last night, it works as well as the laptop can connect to it but cannot do anything more, where would I get updated firmware for the Rio or the bridge, does it automatically update because I believe the Rio is on version 6.0? Not sure though. And I could try reimaging it, should I do that over USB or Ethernet?

6.0.0 is the latest firmware, FRC_roboRIO_2019_v14 is the latest image. If you do not have these you should download them from here: (It is packaged in the update suite)

Even if you have the latest of these, I would recommend just reformatting the device in general. You will have to push your code to the robot after this. Do this over USB.

If you still have problems I would recommend looking at your adapter options on your laptop. Make sure you WiFi and Ethernet are not disabled.

Also another thing is check your wiring on the RIO. How are you tethering to the robot over Ethernet? Are you plugging directly into the RIO or plugging in via the bridge?

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Try setting your team number in the DS as or . Sometimes that fixes it, but it isn’t foolproof. Definitely make sure everything is up to date per @dooodsdare 's recommendation.

Rather than starting with RIO-image updates I’d suggest the more likely culprit is a bad ETH port. If everything is working over USB & WiFI then the there is no doubt about the primary radio-port nor the rio’s port. So my bet is on the laptop’s port or on your longer tether.


USB (Windows only) - this always creates static IPs with & (laptop and rio respectively).

ETH without radio - here you are bypassing the mDNS service provided by the radio - so your ending up with that 169.x.y.z address, I’d recommend to tether through the radio instead.

ETH with (through) the radio, this can work with static or dynamic addresses on your laptop. Your radio will be at Your RIO will be at (as i recall, with this years images you no longer modify that). So if you change adapter settings to static then your DS needs to NOT conflict with those two numbers (so typically I like or .10, with -.12 reserved for IP cameras, if needed).

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