Not all talons are appearing

So, a robot is all set up. The image installed on the RoboRIO. All ids for the Talons setup and -I set the PDP id to 20, should it be on 0?-, though sometimes all 8 talons appear, other times only a few.

Also, all the talons are blinking red and orange or just orange and the B/C Cal button on the ones that will not show up in the web config interface are red. How would this be fixed? What are the steps after installing the image onto the RoboRIO and generating the code from WPI RobotBuilder?

Do you have them set up through CAN? we did and had a similar problem, try plugging them in one at a time and make sure each one’s firmware is up to date, that solved the issue for us.

Since you said your Talons are already all set to different IDs, I suspect it’s an electrical issue.
*Edit: Follow ccresta’s advice to check the firmware version & TalonID individually if you haven’t already. This is the simplest fix. Continuing…

Is your CAN bus electrically continuous?
Are there any connectors you look at and wonder a little bit whether it’s OK? Do you have loose wiring anywhere that could be flopping around and puling on connectors? Manage it nicely with strain relief loops, and redo any questionable connections.
(Side note: crimping electrical ferrules on the ends of your wiring is a Game Changer for connection reliability into the Weidmuller terminals. We just started doing it this year and it’s been fantastic)

Is your CAN bus set up as “one long electrical hallway” where signals can “bounce” between the two termination resistors at each end?
(One resistor is integrated into the RoboRIO, the other is either integrated to the PDP or added manually at the end of the bus. I screwed this up the first time we built a CAN network.)

Does it terminate into the PDP with the built-in termination resistor, or are you continuing past the PDP and attaching your own termination resistor to the end of the bus?

If you are continuing past the PDP, did you adjust the jumper next to the CAN connector to make sure the built-in termination resistor at the PDP is not in your circuit?

Yes we do. Do you mean unplug them from the can or the PDP?

when was the last time they were calibrated?

How would you calibrate the canbus?

Sorry calibrate the talons

I was under the assumption that was only needed if using PWM.

It takes two seconds Im no electrical expert, but its fixed a weird problem we have had in the past.

I asked our guys to try a calibration on ours due to some funny numbers. (We’re using CAN.) Haven’t heard if they’ve done that yet.

check the software status of them, just had this problem. If it says something about other devices with the same ID, change the ID, save, close the page and re-open it.

Try having one Talon in the CAN Bus at a time, you should be able to then see it in the web interface and be able to update the firmware

CAN should look like this for testing


It takes a while but make sure they are all up to date, one at a time.