Not collecting encoder data from Neo motors in REV dashboard or in code

Has anyone else had the problem when you go into the rev dashboard and you see encoder value and you have the motor hooked up to the roborio and you have a battery connected to it and you are hooked up to the spark max your are not able to see the encoder value. Also in the code I have it does not read the value either. We had the can set to one and we have the motor controller updated. I am using the REV robotics example code, but with a smartdashboard.getvalue for the number and I use the encoder object as the input for the value. Can someone help or show me what they use as there code for an example for me to base a test off of to test to see if the encoder works.
this is what I am using: (1.7 KB)

What value do you get, 0? Do you get any warning it error messages in the Riolog?

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