Not enough memory to deploy code?

So I need to deploy some code to the roboRio and I get the following message:

Executing task: gradlew deploy -PteamNumber=2557 --offline“C:\Users\Public\frc2019\jdk” <
[0.010s][warning][gc] Failed to reserve memory for new overflow mark stack with 4096 chunks and size 33554432B.
Error occurred during initialization of VM
Failed to allocate initial concurrent mark overflow mark stack.
The terminal process terminated with exit code: 1

Does this essentially mean that I don’t have enough ram or am I misunderstanding this? I was able to deploy on Eclipse and I would think that the 4GB would be sufficient for VSCode.

That looks to be an error from the host machine.

Are you saying your programming computer only has 4GB of RAM? What version of Windows? (7? 8? 10?)

Assuming 64-bit windows 10, the minimum system requirements for just the OS is 2GB. Meaning if you’re running a number of apps on top of that, 4GB may not be enough.

Take a look at the Task Manager and see what your memory utilization looks like.

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Did you happen to disable the page file on that system? Gradle allocates memory upfront, so if you disabled that and are actually out of memory, it would fail to start.

The laptop is a personal one that I work on. The team laptop has 16GB and can deploy code. Both are windows 10. The deployment usually takes up to ~7 Mbps for disk but the memory category is below 90%. The thing is that I can usually have disk go up to ~10 Mbps.

I have no idea what a page file is or how I would change it without google.

If you don’t know, then its enabled, and you don’t have to worry about it. I just wanted to ask because some people do change it. The default is correct.

Let me think about some other things, we’ve ran it on the netbooks that came in the KOP years ago and it worked, so we will have to see.

I fixed it!

For the sake of posterity, what I did was reallocate some of my vram into sdram.