not enough qualifiers

Has any one noticed that the qualifiers in the FTC competition is only like 4 rounds that means after little to no competing the day is basicly over. im sure the FRC competion is run basicly the same way there are 4-5 qualifiers in a given day (unless its a weekend event where the first day is all qualifiers) and then there is teams that are let down when there are too many teams to be selected for elimanitons. those teams who are let down dont usualy stay around for the entire day untill awards. Maybe if there was a way to keep these teams interested in the event (im not saying that there are not a lot of teams who leave) they will support a team that is still competing and stay roboticly active if there is a side event.

What you said doesn’t apply to any FRC event I’ve been to, but it’s not far off for a lot of FTC events last year.

I’m sure from this description that you haven’t been to an FRC event. They’re all 3-day events (or 2-day, in certain cases), with practice on day 1, and then a full day and a half of competition rounds, at least 7 to a team (and that’s at the Championship, where divisions are close to twice the size of some regionals), and then the final half-day is eliminations. I’ve only seen a couple of cases where a team left before the awards at an FRC event, usually because they didn’t do their flight planning correctly.

Can you explain what makes you so sure? Did you see something, hear something, read something? Or is it simply conjecture?

Careful what words you use here; we take them literally.

opening week kc regional, every team gets 7-8 qualifiers, plus a few practice on thursday.

I think what he/she means is that each team has 4-5 qualifiers in a day.

And you are right. Just know that all FRC are weekend events. 2 days of actual competition.

The issue for FTC competition organizers is that they generally deal with roughly 30 teams, and getting each team to play 7-8 matches is tough. But the key to achieving this goal is to obtain efficiency with 2 fields. I think we had 2 fields and my team played roughly 5-6 matches in the day. Which if you think about it, one day, filled with finals and stuff, you can only play so many qualifiers.

Back in Vex FTC, the event I went to had at least 6 qualifiers, 7 the second year. Maybe that was a change with Tetrix, but 6 qualifiers and then a few hours of elims was always exciting for me…