Not enough room at Coffman Hall ,Minnesota

I just got an email that teams going to the Coffman, Minnesota kick off can only send 9 team members. This is going to split teams apart. My questions are:

Is there a live broadcast on the Internet?
If so what is the website?
And, has anyone tested this magical website?

If you go to NASA, you can see the live stream of the NASA channel. On the day of Kickoff, they will broadcast the kickoff (in Manchester) to everyone.

We usually send one or two people to our local kickoff in Novi, while the rest of the team watches from Chrysler via live broadcast. Sometimes we watch it later in the day, and cut out all of the speeches. (“I know you are all anxious to see the game… so I will try to make this quick. <jumps to next persion>”)

Ok so we can just go to

That website and watch on e day of the kick off

And have you test any sites

“Go to NASA”, means this link I think. According to their schedule, it will be on both the Public and Education channels.




If your team is wanting to bring more team members to the Coffman Union Kickoff, there is going to be an overflow team space at the 1st Scouting Alliance Post Kick-Off Collaborative Strategy/Design Meeting (FSA PoKo CoS DeM) Space which will be in the Science Teaching & Student Services (right across the street from Coffman Union!) at the University of Minnesota.
The overflow space will have the live webcast and the opportunity to go see the field space after the kickoff.

Email me for more details about the overflow space or PoKo.

Others have given you the website info… i can tell you that it definitely works. due mostly to the geographic location of myself and the other mentor’s, I’ve had the privilege (and probably will again this year) to come into work (also the team’s primary sponsor) on kick-off Saturday, watch the stream live, and print out a bunch of copies (two sided) of the important sections of the manual when it’s made available. Then I get to collate them, staple them together, and meet the team at the build space for our first brainstorming session.

From what I remember last year, performance of the webcast wasn’t the best, but I could see everything.

For the record, NASA also streams it on their TV station. Depending on your internet connection, that may be more reliable. This of course depends on cable though.

I believe, but not sure, that Dish network also carries the NASA channel.

I know DirecTV does

Dish carries it on channel 212.

Team 2502 only sends a couple of students down as well, so we shouldn’t run into issues though I see why some teams may.

If anyone wanted anymore info about the Post Kick-off (PoKo) meeting that the 1st Scouting Alliance (FSA) and GO FIRST will be hosting here it is:

Following Kick-off we will be hosting a collaborative strategic design meeting to assist any interested team through their initial design work. The PoKo meeting will consist of 4 parts:

  1. Understanding the game, group discussion
  2. Understanding how the game is played, group activity (playing the game)
  3. Strategy breakout groups, small groups
  4. Component breakout groups, small groups

We will have one room set aside so that people can have space to “play” the game, we will do out best to make this space as realistic as possible but that has more to do with what FIRST creates than anything.

The idea is the more people you have thinking about an idea the more advanced in can become and the more likely the groups is at finding the most winning ways to play the game. Once we have determined how to play, and win, the game we will begin to draft concepts for different components that these bots will need, and seeing as we have a number of teams already attending the prototyping work will then be divided among the participants. As teams build and test their prototypes over the next week, all their data, files, pictures and videos will be shared with the group via online resources.

If anyone has any questions or comments or is interested in attending let us know at [email protected], or leave a comment below.