Not getting Limelight values from Network

We intermittently do not get values from the Limelight camera through the Network tables.
Also, the camera sometimes does not register in the LabView default Dashboard.
Sometimes cycling power on the camera will clear the problem.
Sometimes redownloading in RobotMain works.
Sometimes it runs for hours with no problems.
Is there something that we may be doing to cause interference with the network tables?
Any suggestions for troubleshooting the problem?
We are running 2020.2 on version 2+
Randy Wood
Team 359
Chrome doesn’t have any problems connecting to the camera.

If you click on the settings icon on the limelight web gui, there is a button to restart the vision server specifically for labview debugging. Click that and it will reconnect.

You should only see this problem when using the run arrow to temporarily deploy your code.