not much time left

Posted by David Kelso at 1/4/2001 10:11 PM EST

Coach on team #131, C.H.A.O.S.-, from Central High School and OSRAM SYLVANIA/ Fleet .

Well, by late Saturday, this board will be filled each day with messages. We all want to thank Team 47 for keeping this board going year round. It lets all of us keep in touch with our friends around the country.

This board is also a good representation of what FIRST is all about… A few years ago, it was getting hacked by a rival team now and then…I do not think it really concerned that many people. Now, if anyone touched this board and their name became public, there would not be a safe place in the US for them to hide. (does Alaska have a team???) I think that FIRST now attracts people who would get upset with anyone who did negative things to any team, person or organization. FIRST team members make good company…thanks Delphi