not quite a robot, but a practice trailer

…with no wheels

We didn’t get the Rover wheels mounted yet, but that’s basically the trailer you can build off the instructions/drawings from the FRC website. Just thought some people might like to see it, since the trailer team got it finished a lot faster than we thought.

Is that this years robot on the table?

Nah. I wish. That thing on the table is the 2008 chassis, wheels, and motors. We transplanted the cRIO on there for learning purposes… mostly to learn some very basic programming in LabView. The Design team is still working on a chassis design, but I didn’t want Programming to fall behind, so we just went ahead and did that. In doing the transplant, the Electronics team learned a lot too. It was worth it.

As soon as AndyMark is done casting new Rover Wheels and ships them, we can get that trailer mobile!

We built a trailer as well, and instead of using the Rover wheels on that, our trailer team attached strips of slippery teflon stuff to two normal Skyway wheels. The altered wheels seemed to work just fine yesterday when we tested our drive train and trailer.

How do you attach the central pipe to the base? The pipe I got are all OD 4-1/2" with inner diameter 4". while the drawing says the hole in the base is 4-1/4". Does the pipe go through all the way to the second plywood?

Also I am little confused with the end caps? one end cap is needed for the to attach the target vision, but where does the second one go? and also it appears that the caps are slightly rounded, does the vision target mount properly?

Sorry to ask a lot of questions, but we need help, our first year in FRC.

Thanks in advance for any help.