Not quite an animation, but still...

I know we all like animations and moving objects, but I took some time to make a real “still-life” type scene.](

What you see is mostly mental ray with GI. Took about 3 hours to render with two lights in the scene. Many models are from TurboSquid, after all, deadlines are deadlines. The project requirements explicitly stated that I needed certain objects in the scene, hence the odd combination of props. Ignore the fact that it says I painted it - that’s for gullible people.

[edit] There is a larger version if you follow the link.

Looks sweet. It sounds like you did this for a class - which class exactly?

Nice volumetric lighting :slight_smile: The tree, though, doesn’t cast any shadows on the floor. Otherwise awesome.

A few things bother me one is the untextured fan, the blankness of the window, the texturing on the shelves, the bed frame, and the desk, in fact its the wood texture. You should have used some UVW Mapping Correction, and another problem I spotted was the Music note wallpaper rim, it is a pure white;
3d scenes look fake for 2 reasons
-Bad modeling
-Bad texturing
Models look great and so does most of the texturing it is just that your scene needs some dirt, while lighting creates realism it is truly in the dirt. Create a dirt map and blend it into your textures, no need to re render the entire scene once you do this, simple render the top, save just than and paste it onto the old one.

Another thing is the bed frame model itself, the balls seem to just be pasted on top of it. Granted there is bed frames like this it just looks strange.

In the long run great job, and I absolutely love your cloth texture used on the chair and on the bed. Perhaps you could send it to me or tell me how you made it.

One more thing that bothers me about your scene is the fact that there is no wires, none for the computer none for the stereo none for the lamp while they are not vital they are a very nice thing to add to create a much more real scene, also throw in an outlet or too.

Another thing I wish to ask is about this assignment. Is it for a class, if so what exactly was the assignment, or was it a forum challenge? I’ve done forum challenges and told my parents it was for school so they would get off my back.
Sorry long and hypocritical post.

I love the concept man, and even zoomed in your blanket looks just too real =)

also is that hourglass from the 1st few tutorials in max? if so I love it =)
any easter eggs we should find?

another tiny thing I would add was labeling on the 2 CD cases on the floor (nice of you to represent the stones though)

it looks great, but it dosen’t look real, if that’s what your going for
it looks more like a “toy-story” kind of room rather then a real one,
how long did it take to make?

This scene was more compositing stuff than actually doing any real work. Most of the stuff was downloaded. I know there are some details that could be better, but time was getting tight and as much as I enjoyed multiple-hour long renderings, I eventually just called it done.

I like the lighting, with the soft shadows and such. In fact, the ONLY shadows explicitly set was from the window. All the other soft shadows were totally from photon calculations. That’s pretty much the reason why it took so long (even though 3 hours isn’t really much).

I did this in a couple of days, hence downloaded models and missing wires :wink: for an art class. I got to print it out with the school’s gigantic inkjet on 12x18", so that was cool. If you take a look at the gallery it’s in, there are “developmental” images that show blatantly unrealistic GI (without final gather) and 3d mistakes.

The hourglass was downloaded - who knows if it was made from a tutorial.
BTW, the volumetric lights were added in Photoshop. I couldn’t get them working right in max.

The crazy thing is, the bedframe looks like the same model I had a couple months ago before I outgrew it. The balls on top of the posts that Mercury Rising said looked pasted on, The real bed’s post looks exactly like that

To my own credit

I know, my cousin used to have one as well, yet his the bottom of the spheres were shaved down so they would fit flush with the post. If you look at this pic it almost looks like the one of the corner closest to the viewer is hovering a pixel above the post.

Thread Resurrection XD

I love the MacBook in the background.