Not Receiving Quad Encoder Position

Today, I have looked through the CTRE API documentation and I believe I found the correct methods for connecting our quad encoders through our Talon SRX. We are using the WPI_TalonSRX type for the talons. My code for instantiating the encoders and the motor controllers is as follows:

driveTrainTalonSRX1 = new WPI_TalonSRX(6);
driveTrainTalonSRX1.set(ControlMode.PercentOutput, 6);

driveTrainTalonSRX3 = new WPI_TalonSRX(7);
driveTrainTalonSRX3.set(ControlMode.PercentOutput, 7);

This is within init() of RobotMap since we program command based. We have done conductivity checks.

Have you tried using the talons issensorpresent function?

I ended up checking the web-based interface and found that I had connected the encoders to the incorrect talons. At least it wasn’t a programming/software issue.