Not robotics: AI in high school

not robotics:

if you’re interested in AI and ChatGPT, and you’re in high school, you might be interested in this event, which is a free online event on Oct 8th, hosted by Stanford, to discuss how high schools should handle AI, and they’re looking for input from high schoolers. it’s open to any high school student, check it out!


A story in the Detroit News today (9/18) about AI in a high school classroom. Unfortunately it’s paywalled, but here is the link:

This is at Henry Ford II HS in the Utica district, where Thunderchickens are from.

Fair use excerpt:

First hour starts at 7:20 a.m. at Henry Ford II High School, and most of the teens trickling into classrooms are still waking up.

But inside Jamie Davis’ computer class, 13 students are already on their computers typing away, learning the programming language Python, as they lay the groundwork for their high school course in artificial intelligence.

Utica Community Schools is the first district in Michigan to teach an AI class, showing students what defines the generative, fast-changing technology, how it is used and the social and ethical implications of AI in the world. In the coming months, the students — with the guidance of Davis — will build games, chatbots and predictive models.