not saving one of the preferences

I think this has only been going on since the upgrade, but it is possible that is longer and I haven’t realized it before.

The setting for “Browse board with cookies?” is continually being set to no for me, even after I change it back to yes. I do have it set to not automatically log me in, because I browse on multiple public computers, but I should be to browse with cookies, and I know it has worked in the past.

ill take a look at it.

ive changed those 2 preferences to multiple combinations
it doesnt seem to be having problems

does it happen every time, or just randomly gets set back to ‘no’

It’s done it everytime since I started playing with it…until this last time.

I’ll keep you informed.

My first thought was the browser, but that doesn’t seem to be an issue as it happened on Mozilla at home and IE at school.