(NOT SPAM) Nintendo NES Classic giveaway presented by Two Pencil Designs!


It’s giveaway time! To show how much we love our 500+ fans, we are willing to give away one of the most sought after Christmas gifts this year… All you have to do is like, share, and comment on our facebook post and comment here about our products. Make sure you do all of those to be in the running for the New Nintendo NES Classic Edition. We will pick a winner randomly on Christmas morning. All you will have to do is pay for shipping (if needed). Not a bad deal at all! Good Luck and Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays from Two Pencil Designs!

To reach our facebook page: www.facebook.com/twopencildesigns

To reach our website: www.twopencildesigns.com

Don’t forget to reach out to us for your teams bumper numbers, banners, vinyl graphics and many many more items during the season!

We love our fans and our robotics community!

The phrase “(NOT SPAM)” does not necessarily make it not spam. Seems spammish to me, on this, a technical forum.

Not at all my friend. Check out the websites and my credentials. Been here since 2003 and was on the big stage last year… can’t get more true then that. :slight_smile:

Pretty sure Alex would know what’s spam and what isn’t being that he’s a moderator here.

To be honest, in my experience most things marked “not spam” are in fact spam.

I did that so, people wouldn’t just pass by the thread and all. Guess I was wrong. Sorry. Didn’t know it would be so hard to give away one of the most sought after gifts this season!

Is that better? Changed the title. :slight_smile:

Getting back on the topic… This is really cool! Somebody will be lucky to get one of these as they are crazy hard to find (or marked up 2 or 3x).

I think(at least, I HOPE) we all knew it wasn’t spam when we read the post. There were just a lot of these types of spam posts in addition to the legit ones. “(NOT SPAM)” does grab readers’ attention; the lack of bad grammar in the title makes it look more legitimate.

GameStop just got some in stock, but only in stores… Am I the only one who has considered buying one new for full price($60) and then reselling it on eBay for up to 3X more? :rolleyes:

So, I guess this isn’t really a technical forum, and it’s OK for commercial interests to post advertisements here?

Are the two mutually exclusive?

Yeah, pretty much.

I don’t know about anyone else, but when I choose to visit Chief Delphi, it’s because I know I can come here and either browse and learn learn something of value, or pose a question and get any number of good answers from some incredibly knowledgeable people.

If we have to treat the topic list here as we do an inbox full of unfiltered emails - some of which actually contain valuable information - and some of which are unsolicited & undisguised advertisements - then the signal-to-noise ratio of this site will diminish with time. That would be a shame.

A simple test might be: Is the point of this post solely to solicit business for a commercial interest without adding anything to anyone’s knowledge or understanding of FIRST Robotics? If so, then it doesn’t belong here. It’s spam.

The fact that you “have been here since 2003” and are a legitimate business does not preclude your post from being spam. You are sending an unsolicited and unpaid advertisement to a large number of people on the internet. Just sayin’.

Ok, so do you think it also inappropriate when Cooler Master advertised their Keyboard Giveaway on this forum? Or when VexPro made a thread about their new products for 2017? Or any of the other threads made by representatives of AndyMark or BaneBots or West Coast Products for the products specifically marketed at FRC teams? Because I really appreciate when businesses make their products known to me, the potential consumer, in a concise and informative way. But Alex is also giving away a product (albeit not his own product) while informing teams of his business. And all the while, a business marketed towards FRC is being shared and spread on social media, which is great for “Making it Loud.”

Now, if every other thread becomes a marketing thread from the various businesses that cater to FRC, I’ll start singing a different tune. But an annual giveaway? I find that perfectly reasonable.

Probably not. Am I the only one willing to grab pitchforks and torches to find all you dirty eBay hawkers? Definitely not. :smiley:

Upon reflection… If there’s a backstory here that I am not aware of - like this company or its principals being among those funding the site, for instance - then I retract my comments, and apologize.

I’ve often wondered and not known who is responsible for this great asset.

It just struck me that if everyone with something to sell posted at will, then the value of the site to the FRC community would be diminished.


While Alex and TPD does great work (still drink out of the glass from them!), I do think this is at least off topic and should be moved to Chit-Chat. Unlike the keyboard, Vex and Andy Mark products, a Nintendo isn’t really useful to any robotics team even if it is being given away by a company whose partially sells to FIRST teams.

(That being said, this may be my brilliant plan to win the prize by moving it to chit chat so no one else sees it :wink: )

I guess I don’t feel the same about this thread as others…

What I can say is that since joining FRC in 2012 and then perusing CD I have found many useful threads/posts such as this one that has led to 4607 using many vendors.

We have items from Spin-off, Rev Robotics, Stereo Labs, nVidia, etc - all ‘advertised’ on this forum. A major inspiration for my team’s advancement is from CD threads and discussions. We use this information found on CD to build our program. Not only that, but our local hub has been able to grow because of advancements and outreach such as this.

And the Cooler Master keyboard that we recently received has intrigued many of my students that have never seen a mechanical keyboard such as this. This has led to at least one new member on my team - so these type of companies and these promotions are beneficial to those that gravitate towards them.

Is it a gray line? Maybe. Is this company fully in line with working with FRC teams? Yes. Do they aid teams that are needing support in creating a more polished product? Yes. Does it advance the overall quality of FIRST? I cannot say at this point - but it has greatly impacted my team.

I will be passing the information from TPD on to our local hub teams that do not have the in-house marketing teams or the sponsors able to create such products.

Just my two cents.

Aww, but I ENJOY getting all up in arms about something that’s ultimately inconsequential!

In all seriousness though, Merry Kick-Off Day.

You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Cothron Theiss again.