Not Too Late For NURC

The following teams have signed up so far. The 2007 Champs, team 1726, NERDS are going to sign up soon.

Team Name	Organization	Level	State

1 ASU WISE ROV team Arizona State University University AZ
2 Blue Tide Phoenix Country Day School High School AZ
3 CTS Scholars CT Smith Elem. Grade school AZ
4 Dream land Site 3- Engineering Jesuit High School High School CA
5 Falcon Robotics Carl Hayden H.S. High School AZ
6 Flying Goldfish Embry-Riddle University AZ
7 L.E.G.I.T Carl Hayden H.S. High School AZ
8 Mayer Mayer Unified Grade school AZ
9 Ospreys Rio Rico HS High School AZ
10 Phoenix Robotics Phoenix Robotics Club AZ
11 Primos Robotics Club Grade school TX
12 Project for Improving Mexican Participation Club Club AZ
13 Shadow Robotix Carl Hayden H.S. H.S. AZ
14 SunDevil ROV Arizona State University Polytechnic University AZ
15 Tempe Robobuffs Tempe H.S. High School AZ
16 West Albany H.S. West Albany H.S. High School OR
17 Wolfgang Robotics Chandler H.S. High School AZ

You too can sign up and put your IFI controls underwater!
Stay tuned for the live webcast in June poolside all night long!!!

I would defenitly want to compete and I know a couple more of the student want to compete as well, so we’ll see what we can do.

Our maximum capacity is 24 teams. We can waive the $250 -$300 deadline and still get you in at $250. If the $250 is a problem let me know! We can work something out. We are working our underwater bot now.

By the way your bot this year is the best I have all year. Good luck and Nationals. If you can please pick us, we would love to play with you instead of against you!!!

We’re working on signing up, honest!

Did you know 3 watt LED MAG-LITEs are bright? and mostly waterproof to about 50’? and there’s a 2 AA battery model?

We’re going to try to open-source the underwater robot this year

we’ll see how it goes! Also it’s neat that you have last year’s tech reports up on the page so other teams can get a head start.

I know you guys will be there, I just like rubbing it in.

Your site looks great! I will be checking back from time to time. Take care and see your registration email soon! Looks like a great field this year!

if this wasn’t in arizona…team 125 would DEF be there…

I cann’t wait for this. Last year the competition was great, the event was very fun, and there weren’t as many teams signed up.
It can only get better this year!

I am personally stoked for the event as well… I have built many robots before but this will be the first underwater robot. We received our ROV in a box last week and we are pumped to build it and then start building our actual NURC bot.

I bet you’ll enjoy it a lot, that’s one capable little robot! And field testing it is very refreshing, too. :wink:

One big lesson to the new teams that we learned last year: do a thorough test of the water-proofness of your ROV before you turn it on! We managed to fry several cameras last year when we were in a hurry to drive it around…

Hey we would love having you. To bad its too far! Hey watch the live webcast!!
It will be that Sat night 8pm MST June 7th

We are so thrilled that you guys are coming!! If you need any help, let us know!!
Buy lots of silcone sealer, only ther 100% silicone the type for aquariums. Ace Hardware carries it.

Home depot too.