Not Your Average Washing Machine

From Sept 1st Herald-Palladium.

Looks good - even better than the sneak peek.

The inspectors will have to check the Average Joes for pre-assembled mechanisms if the 2016 game turns out to be Laundry Launch.

I’m surprised t-shirts didn’t make the potential game-piece thread :slight_smile:

A shirt-spewing laundry machine is fantastically creative. Way to go Average Joes! Depending on how you drive it, you could really sell the “washer gone wild” idea - have it wobble back and forth, shake, and spin really violently before opening the lid and spitting out the shirts. You could even dress someone up as a rodeo clown and have them struggle with it. Good fun.

That is super cool! Kudos.


I think someone got video of a few practice/tuning sessions. Will ask around next team meeting.

Video for sponsor appreciation is in work – look for reveal after school starts.

Down here, we’ve already had four weeks and a day of school! (Started Aug 7). Curiously enough, our first football game (tonight) is against the Destehan Wildcats, with whom we allied back in March to punch a ticket to CMP. Small woil’, ain’ it?

We’re going to make the early start work for us, though - tryouts start a week from tomorrow! (We’d rather have 15-20 kids who are committed than 50-60 who we have to drag out of their other extra-curricular activities, especially given the size of our new work space. Anyone who does enough research to find this post is welcome to the knowledge; please don’t pass it along to those who aren’t so committed!)