Notes from the PNW Webinar

I took notes during the webinar tonight for PNW postponement due to COVID, here’s what I got:

• FIRST PNW has been talking with FIRST global since a week ago Sunday
• They had a criteria of when to postpone / cancel events
• If CDC or local health authorities say don’t have an event, we would not
• If schools started canceling after school or sporting events that would be a “trigger point”
• King County local health department regulations made Auburn events go kaput
• Wednesday and Thursday schools started canceling sports
• Auburn canceled on Saturday because of their available metrics
• Very doubtful looking at district championships
• A lot of teams ineligible to play because of district policies
• To protect health and safety of volunteers, students, families
• The last contingency step Adrian and Kevin were planning with FIRST was a postponement until later in the year
• We think we can complete all of the events (or maybe not one event)
• Over the next week or two we can announce what we will plan to do
• Deans List interviews → no plans fully fleshed out with FIRST, looking to do interviews remotely, hope and dream students will be recognized and attend worlds (or not, we don’t know) we need a few days to work this out fully with FIRST
• All current standing will remain in place 95 teams have played once, 6 or 7 twice, 55 not once
• Resuming events sometime in the fall, all judged awards will be valid
• Looking toward earning teams a spot at the 2021 world champs
• Advancements to Houston → Eventuality of an event getting canceled taken into account, said plan does not take into consideration teams that did not play or such a large number of teams
• No good answer for how advancement will work
• Once plans are fully developed where will plans be? On website and as an email blast
• Was running future events as “non-public” considered? Yes it was but it still requires a large number of volunteers
• Will graduated seniors be able to participate in events in the fall? Yes, you will be able to participate in the fall if you are able to play currently. FIRST has agreed to that
• If a team is unable to attend the re-scheduled events? That’s up to you unfortunately and we are sorry :(
• You will be able to move into another event, for instance if you were scheduled for Auburn and you can’t go to Auburn in the fall, you will be able to move into another event.
• Can members join between now and then to join the rescheduled events during the fall? Yes if you follow the consent and release and age restrictions?
• If a team is unable to attend an event, will they be refunded? No, if you look at payment terms, if events are canceled for reasons outside of our control, we cannot refund because we are very nonprofit. The money has already been spent.
• The goal is to make up the events that were postponed. Those that weren’t will keep the district points earned from them
• OSPI funds require playing in order to use them, if the funds are not used, you lose. No firm response yet
• In regards to Worlds: “I would not buy any tickets yet” ; In the next week to two weeks we would expect a decision to be made for go/no-go
• Will we have a summer stop build? We will not. At this time we have all out of bag time
• Woodie Flowers award? No information about them stopping that process
• No paying again for rescheduled events
• May send a survey out to lead mentors to see what schedule works best for everybody, so probably no events until after summer, and we really don’t expect things to happen until after the end of July
• Will 2020 rookies be considered 2021 rookies if they are unable to compete in any 2020 events? No idea, still have to speak with the almighty Frank
• Will there be any rule changes after Champs? No, we will not change the rules. If FIRST changes rule, they most likely be administrative rules like who is eligible to play
• Will this change next year’s kickoff? Probably not
• There will be replacement venues for Auburn Mountainview and Auburn, those can be considered postponed rather than canceled?
• Will STIMS be up and running in September? We haven’t thought about that, we’ll probably be flexible
• District champs might be in another place, we don’t know where. Talking to Eastern Washington University but trying to host something this big usually needs at least a year advance notice
• If teams can’t go to two district events, can they go to one and have the district points earned count double? Most likely yes, but not a definite no
• Maybe having practice fields at some locations?
• Teams, when we get clearance to have events, reach out to rookie teams because they missed the (my words: best part of FRC) people of FRC and the gracious professionalism

I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone at FIRST WA and ORTOP for working so hard on making all of this as smooth, fair, and considerate as possible. You really are heros and I don’t know what we’d do without you. Stay strong and may the force be with you :slight_smile:


What i got from this section is that EWU seems to be fairly willing to host it later in the year considering the issues FIRSTWA has had. I really do hope this goes through as I personally find it to be a great venue for DCMP.

Seconding this. 100% not an easy decision to make and execute, and i know FIRSTWA is doing their best to make it as painless as possible for everyone.


I agree! The questions asked during the Webinar would be very hard to answer in normal circumstances but the FIRSTWA folks did very well in addressing all the rumors and concerns. Cheers to them and ORTOP for working so hard during this period of chaos.


I would say, the general vibe I got was “wait a week or two and things will get a lot clearer”

I think there are a lot of really hard questions right now and hardly any good answers.

I appreciate how much effort they have put in, they are doing their best.


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