Nothing like your name in lights.

Hey all -

This was up in Baton Rouge as of yesterday. Made me happy.

Makes me happy to see communities and sponsors honor their local teams.

That’s awesome!

Any idea what it costs to put something up on a billboard? I’m sure price vary widely, just looking for ballpark ranges.

This is great.

And in the recognition and honor category, is it true that Notre Dame Prep got an extra day off school for spring break because 33 won the MSC? Now that’s cool.

Loving this great recognition of a young team in #3337. (Also cool to share 3 numbers with you, heh)

Indeed! Nothing like celebrating science and technology by skipping a day of school! :stuck_out_tongue:

The school calendar lists April 15th as “NDPMA [Notre Dame Prep and Marist Academy] Holiday - Robotics State Championship”

Subject to a wide variety of rates (AKA what will the market bear) so not many are willing to discuss actual dollar amounts. Check this spot for some ball-park actual dollar amounts.

Still very, very cool, Louisiana!

That’s awesome! Back in 2006 or 2007, our town put signs that said “Home of Raider Robotix FIRST Team 25” with a list of our biggest accomplishments at two of the Welcome to North Brunswick signs. It feels nice to have your community recognise you.

I think Lamar puts up community/non-profit stuff on digital billboards for free, mixed in with paid advertising because I’ve seen state championships for various groups recognized on the one I go by sometimes before.

pretty sure it’s true. supposedly it’s a tradition! since they are a private school they can do that. very lucky.

In Richmond the digital billboards are like broadcast centers: they showed the time of the VCU Final Four game, wanted/missing persons, Holiday Messages, weather…

I wish we had more.

Lamar is actually one of our major sponsors for the Championship. The schoolboard purchased the billboard for us though before we got their sponsorship. The billboard itself is a static nondigital.

Community support has been amazing though. So far we have been featured on two television stations, 2 newspapers, and the billboard.

Great job guy :slight_smile:

congratulations u guys go and make the bayou regional pround

::Grins:: That’s the plan, boss. If we can defend like we did at Bayou, I think we’ll do well from what I’ve gathered from the game-videos we’ve been watching.

A lot of the teams are using an elevator lift, and from what I’m seeing, they can be jostled and lose their tube. Get it son!

Yes. The entire student body (elementary, middle and high schools) got the day off today. Our Facebook pages were bombarded with thank yous from students and parents.

NDP has a tradition that any team who wins a state championship earns a day off of school for students. However, I think the teachers had to work. Now if I could just convince my employer… :slight_smile: