Nothing to build when deploying C++ to RoboRIO

When we try to deploy our C++ code to the RoboRIO it either shows “nothing to build” and does nothing, or when we make a trivial change to force a rebuild it shows “Build finished in [insert time here]” without loading anything. We’ve tried over Wi-Fi and USB with the same results. Has anyone else been having this problem? We’re able to deploy right after reimaging it, but after that it seems to not deploy again.

If you are clicking the ‘build’ button then all it does is build, not deploy. To deploy reliably I always right click the project name in the view then select Run As… -> Deploy (sorry, I don’t have the exact name available).

You can also use the run button on the toolbar, but it has a tendency to stop working after a while requiring a restart of Eclipse to get it to work again. This is a plugin problem that I hope is fixed in time for next year.