Notice anything familiar?

Look very closely :slight_smile:

disclaimer: site contains some adult material.

What? I don’t see anything special. Can we get a hint?

ignore everything not in the center of the page :slight_smile:

Oh my goodness. :yikes:


What in the world!?!? Does the person who runs this site know Dave? Or did they just stumble upon that picture or what?

And for those not wanting to visit a site with “adult content”.

Oh, great. I was trying to be very quiet about that because I DID NOT send them that picture! Either someone else did or they found it on my website and stole it (and didn’t give credit!).

Dave, have you forgiven me yet? I’ll make you cookies or toffee bark or anything that will make you forget about this incident and make you not wonder if any of your other pictures have ever ended up somewhere else… :frowning:



I know how it ended up on that site. Lavery has a tendency to show up on Google (just search for cowboy and it’s on the second page). I was speechless for a couple minutes.

Poor Dave… On the bright side, it’s only a bad photoshop (I hope… :smiley: )

Dave, before you start assembling a posse to go to Heidi’s apartment, I want you to consider a quote from a reasonably intelligent guy…

Now, I figure you qualify as part of that “heroes” group, Dave. And if you’ve now been on the front page of a reasonably popular web site, then the culture has changed. Therefore, FIRST is succeeding.

Yee-haw indeed. :smiley:

Nice try Billfred. Let me repeat:


Dave if finally famous.

All that NASA stuff was spiffy and all, but this is big!

-Andy A.

I particularly like this one

Hey Dave…

“Now That’s PIMP!”


I’m not sure if I should be mortified or laughing my rear end off…

You know, Dave has been such a good sport about this. I mean, all these jokes and he’s only said eight words in response. Such a doll

(I’ve figured it out–next year’s game will involve robots popping balloons shaped strikingly similar to my head.)

Just wait until January. I want to see the look on your face when the announcer says: “Welcome to the 2006 FIRST Robotics Competition, and this year’s game ‘Whack The Billfred’”

Does that mean all these pneumatic cannons ive been seeing are going to be legalized for game use?

Yeah, but they are not near strong enough to be allowed to use on the billfred balloons. Those ‘balloons’ are going to be soo thick that you need a spike in the spud to pop the balloons, and the spud needs a gasoline propellant.

i saw pneumatic cannon, and immeaditly went to potatoe cannon.