collaborative workspace is relatively new web service that is sort of like Google Docs/Sheets/Sites/Trello baked into one thing: very flexible, modular. Not as spreadsheets-on-steroids as Airtable is (which also has recent upgrades for EDU address), but really, in my view, can give you flexibility in developing content for the classroom.

I haven’t started sketching it out for the team setting, but could be a viable option. Also, trying to understand how you could have multiple people work on it without paying up for the Team plan. At the very least, it could be a knowledge base for the team and maybe give edit-privileges to certain members.

Can export to Markdown/HTML.

Free for everyone. EDU gets a little more function.


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Page focused on educators:


4414 has been using notion for just under a year now and it’s by far my favorite organization tool, we use it for everything from tracking part management to making team wikis.

You can get a free team workspace if you reach out to notion and tell them you are a nonprofit, however, this isn’t really needed for smaller teams and only adds user roles and permissions.

Here are some examples of how we use notion, feel free to send me a pm if you have any notion specific questions:

Team workspace:

Part management (we upload dxfs/pdfs/steps all directly into this table)

Event info (we send a public link of this page out to parents):

Team wiki for training:


Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 1.09.10 AM
Should we ask?


Ask and you shall receive (sorry to pull this thread way off topic)

New ones came out a lot better but never hit carpet because we were waiting on falcons

I used Notion heavily for development documentation and organization at a startup I worked for a few years ago. It was great. I’ve been using OneNote recently but I miss some features of Notion from time to time.


Did you create those views by publishing your workspaces? I’m watching the videos by Jlai and haven’t seen anything that looks as approachable as your views.


If you want to be more specific I can walk you through how I set anything up.

All my photos are directly out of the notion desktop app (in dark mode). I use a lot of /div blocks and /h3 blocks to make things look fancy.

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Thanks @jjsessa for sharing, as my videos were intended for general use and not robotics-team-specific, since I’m still learning myself. There’s lots of tutorials on YouTube and my intent is that starting off with the four videos can give you the basics to dive deeper into more advanced things. Maybe I’ll continue documenting my learning journey :smiley:


We use Atlassan’s Confluence at work. 10/10 would recommend using a tool of the same sort (which is what Notion looks to be). I’m no platform purist.

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I started using notion for personal organization and note taking after school went online. I was thinking about it in a robotics context so it’s cool to see that teams have used it. Unfortunately, my team really isn’t the best on committing to new software so I don’t think it will be the best thing for us. I can barely get people to use slack as it is lol.


My team doesn’t use Notion because we are “all in” on GSuite. However, I am a huge fan of Notion and I am planning on using it to coordinate some of our summer efforts with other team members. I personally am frustrated with GSuite because of its lack of structure and customization. I tried Sharepoint to see if it was better, and while it was better, I think that Notion is the best option. I don’t think that our team culture will cause us to change over (we are reluctant to change and even using GitHub for project management was more of a fight than it should have been), I think that a lot of teams will have an amazing experience. Thanks for sharing! I hope that teams have a good experience with Notion!


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