Novel use of the Segway

I just got this link from a coworker. Since this is what my company does (makes training equipment for law enforcement and the military) I thought it was very cool.

And making autonomous Segways has to have FIRST robotics implications…

Saw the video on youtube… Segway is cool, but I think he can come up with an invention better for society… Honestly I think it does not help anything at all, just makes people lazier.

That’s actually pretty neat. You could probably do a similar thing with roombas or something and a laser tag gun. That’d be kinda fun. :smiley:


That’s pretty awesome, it’s a great application for the Segway.

I agree he can, and has, as a matter of fact the Segway is really just a spin off of them (IBOT)

He also also invented the first insulin pump and invented a new type of portable dialysis machine.

He is currently working on tackling problems like providing water and energyto the third world. With varying degrees of success.

He is also working on advanced prosthetics.

Is is extremely disappointing that when people think of Dean they think Segway. It is by far his least significant invention. Dean has literally improved the lives of millions (with out counting FIRST) of course Dean being Dean he won’t be happy until his work in helping the third world makes that billions of lives.

I strongly urge any one who when asked about Dean or asked about who started FIRST has responded “The guy who invented the Segway” research Dean and what else he has done. Dean is easily one of the top inventors of our time. As members of a group he started we should understand what he has done.

From watching Dean’s interviews, it seems to me that the achievement he’s most proud of is us. And I think that’s pretty neat.

1 man can only do so much – millions of inspired students can accomplish something today, and a lot more tomorrow. :slight_smile: