**NOW AVAILABLE** - Team Pictures Taken at Championships

I am pleased to announce that the original team photos taken outside in front of the FIRST banner in Atlanta by Bob Jadloski, Team 48’s Photographer, are now posted at the following location:

Championship Team Photo Gallery

These have all been scaled to 800x600 and are free to download. Other than the resize, they have not been modified in any way (although I wish I could have gotten to that N.E.R.D. pic and Photoshopped it…:))

As stated in the handouts that were distributed to teams at the Championship, each team that had their picture taken is entitled to have one free 5x7 or 8x10 print mailed to their team. The picture dimensions will depend upon the size of the group of people in the photo. Each of these prints will be individually touched up by Bob to look very similar to the following image:

Final Touched Up Team Photo

The Championship-specific graphics will be added, and the FIRST banner background will look the same for all photos - centered, bright, colorful, and legible. Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do to erase all the squinting and other such interesting expressions on people’s faces as they stared into the sun!

In addition to the free print, teams have the opportunity to order additional printed photos and even large size poster prints. Here are the prices per photo at different quantity levels. Bob tells me these prices are very similar to those you’d get if you went to a typical retail chain (K-Mart, etc.) to have them printed, plus you get the touchup work included in the cost:


1-10 $5.00
11-20 $3.00
20+ $2.00


1-10 $10.00
11-20 $7.00
20+ $6.00


1-10 $15.00
11-20 $12.00
20+ $9.00

20x30 Poster Print

$45.00 each
Add $10.00 to laminate.
Add $20.00 to mount on foam core.

All prices include shipping.

Ordering Procedures

To avoid confusion, Bob requests that one representative place a single order for the entire team.

Bob still has the forms teams filled out at the event and will process them all, but he’d prefer if each team who finds their pic in our gallery “refreshes his memory”. Please identify their team photo from our gallery and either includes the photo itself or the photo’s name (click the photo to bring it up in its own window. Note the name of the photo in the title bar) in your order email. Bob takes a LOT of pictures, trust me, and this will help him quickly discern your team photo from the rest.

To order your free print and any additional photos, please send the following information to Bob Jadloski at rockshotz@hotmail.com:

  1. Team/Group Name:
  2. Team Number: (please include FRC, FLL, FVC designation)
  3. Contact Name:
  4. Contact Phone Number:
  5. A Copy of your team’s 800x600 Photo or the filename of your photo in our gallery
  6. Requested Print Types and Quantities

The preferred methods of payment are check or money order made out to Bob Jadloski. Bob can accomodate credit card payments, but you must request this in your order email.

Check or money order payments should be mailed to

Bob Jadloski
1050 Youngstown-Warren Rd.
Niles, OH 44446

Please believe me when I say that Bob and his assistant worked very hard to take as many team pictures as they did down there in Atlanta. It’s important to understand that this was something he did on his own at his own expense; FIRST was not officially involved. Bob knows there was a rush of teams trying to get their photos taken at the last minute each day, but unfortunately, it was impossible for he and one other person to accomodate all of the demand by themselves.

If you have any feedback for him based upon your experiences, feel free to send him an email. And if you feel this type of service is something that should be readily available to more FIRST teams, please consider contacting FIRST and let them know your thoughts. Who knows, with enough support, maybe FIRST could agree to work with Bob and other photographers to include this in the official event schedule, spreading out picture taking times throughout the day, avoiding traffic jams and permitting more teams to have their photos taken, if they choose?

Looks very nice.:slight_smile:
(Finally, a vacation photo of my whole family, although we’re still nowhere near each other.)
My complements and thanks to Bob.

It’ll take me a day or three to poll the parents for photo orders.