Now that week 1 is coming to a close whats the thought on no scoring zones/dead zones?

After watching several of the week 1 competitions we only watched 2 or 3 rockets get filled because of such hard defense. How many 4 RP matches will there really be? Will we see progression of rockets getting filled over the next couple weeks or will it stay this way throughout the whole season?

I think there will be an increasing amount of filled rockets by later weeks, from what I’ve seen of week 1 matches it looks like robots in general are having difficulties scoring but once those are ironed out rocket ranking points could become more common.

4RP is not super rare because some robots have descored pieces so the other alliance receives a free rocket. I’ve seen it a couple of times watching Mount Vernon.

The number of rockets will clearly increase over the coming weeks but these first competitions clearly showed how difficult they are and how easy they are to defend. As weeks go on and better teams play with better strategies we will see some more unicorn matches if people do not feel like stopping them on D.

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