NPR Story - Team 824

NPR airred a story on team 824 tonight. Audio is available here:

The story is pretty good, especially in showing the anxious weeks of building. He does call it “robot wars” in the show’s title, but then he specifically says it’s “not BattleBots” in the story.


I thought it was a great story. It did a fair job of capturing the often glossed over parts of the FIRST experience.

I would encourage any one who listens to the archive or who heard it live to send atc an e-mail expressing your opinions about this kind of reporting. (I already did)

Actually, today in bio, my teacher comes up to me and Ian (who unfortionately is in my class ;)) and talked about how she heard the NPR story. She liked it =D

HEY!!! :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah, our bio teacher is into robotics, as are two of our teacher/mentors are also bio teachers. i don’t see the connection though… :smiley: