NRG 948 is looking for new mentors!

NRG 948 is looking for more mentors for the upcoming season! The Newport Robotics Group strives to empower students in science and technology through partnerships with mentors. As such, the club will actively recruit industry mentors and other experienced adults to attend club meetings and provide advice throughout all stages of team projects.

General Responsibilities of a Mentor:

  • Being a role model
    • Being receptive to ideas and encouraging team members
    • Fostering a healthy environment within the team
    • Demonstrating Gracious Professionalism
  • Communicating respectfully with other mentors and student leadership
  • Teaching and guiding team members
  • Training and working with the student leadership team over the summer
  • Providing guidance over general decisions within the team

Mentors must be role models for team members that embody Gracious Professionalism. Mentors’ responsibilities include assisting the student leadership with the development of a well-rounded curriculum and general team decision making.

We meet every Tuesday and Thursday in Bellevue from 6-8 PM but both in-person and virtual mentors are welcome and needed!

Mentors needed for: Mech, Programming, CAD/Design, Systems/Electrical, Business + Marketing, Project Management, Graphic Design, Photography + Videography

All help is appreciated! If you’re interested, please send an email to [email protected]! Any questions can be emailed, asked in the thread, or DM-ed via CD.

Team Resources:

In partnership,

NRG 948


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