NRG 948 New Site!

The Newport Robotics Group has a new website:

Any suggestions/comments would be appreciated!

I got a Page Cannot be Displayed error :confused: It could just be my DNS server needs to be updated or perhaps the server is down etc.

Awesome site!
Nice photos and great layout.

And the calendar is a nice resource.


Wow… really good organization…

PHP-Nuke?! I would have never expected that from you, SilverStar.

Wow cool. I was just looking for your teams site, but all I could find was an old adress for a document about a programming contest last year. I think it was your bot last year that totally clobbered ours in portland :smiley: . It was awesome to watch but it took quite a while to fix.

Wow! Beautiful! Its got professional aspects in every corner! I love it! Congratulations! Maybe you could show us a few things about web page design :slight_smile:

It’s just an overly-used PHP-Nuke theme. Not really original :slight_smile: Contact information on the site would be nice, in case anyone wants to contact your team or leaders or whatever. The scrolling pictures can be somewhat annoying if you’re trying to read the text on the page. Having a way to stop it would be nice.

I was wondering if you could tell me how you were able to do a few things with php-nuke.

I was wondering what version of php-nuke you were using
Where you got the calender/random picture scripts

Also when i add a banner client to the site i was wondering how you got it to appear. I can’t ever seem to find it.

In the bottom right corner, there are rounded edges that look sort of out of place… mistake?

Regarding the scrolling pictures, you can just put your mouse over it to stop it :slight_smile: but yes, I’ll add a button to stop it. And the rounded corners are messed up on the home page due to an unclosed tag.

Yes, the theme may be overused, but hey its functional!

And plus there has to be a reason it is “overused”.

It loaded this time so I’ll check it out. :slight_smile:

It looks really good, but I do have a couple of suggestions. First the left and right sides are very uneven, why not move something (perhaps the copyright info) from the right to the left? Also, the last two items on the right, the Copyright Info and Old Articles, have curves around them as if they should be on that grayish background color, but their background is white so it looks strange. :confused: Also your banner looks good, but the text is a little…off somehow it looks weird - is it a .gif with a clear background? It’s usually best to use the color background when you know what it’ll be, better quality.

[Edit: Yeah I know like everything I said about the website was “bad”, but I tend not to comment on the good parts since we all know they’re good. I don’t mean this to be like saying your wbesite is bad, just what could be better in my opinion. And I have a very picky opinion…]