ntpdate on port 123

I need our two PCDuinos (image trackers) to request the current time/date from our driver station laptop using ntpdate/ntpd because the PCDuinos have no battery backup. I currently have it working on our network but I am concerned that the FMS will block port 123. I noticed that port 80 is passed by the FMS. The following FMS whitepaper defines all of the ports:


Has anyone successfully used ntpdate/ntp during a match? Can I switch ntpdate to use port 80?

What about running ntp server on the roborio?
Presumably it will have the correct date/time.
Then you don’t have to worry about ntpd traffic off the robot.

Do you actually need the time on them?

Most embedded systems will never know their current time, and don’t really care. I can’t imagine an image processor needing it’s current time at all.