NTX Tournament of Robots

The NTX Off-Season Planning Committee (including but not limited to FRC 5431, FRC 6171, FRC 3005, FRC 3310, FRC 1296 and FRC 5417) is pleased to announce a new off-season event in the Dallas Area. The North Texas Tournament of Robots will be October 7th and 8th in Plano.

Registration for the event is $250 and can be submitted by check to:

Titan Robotics Booster Club
1701 Alma Drive
Plano, Texas 75075

or via Paypal on https://www.ntxrobotics.com/

We will be using standard STEAMWORKS rules with the following exceptions:

Rule Change #1: Change S07 Violation to read: For S07C: first offense above the deck of the airship results in a warning. For repeated S07C violations, S07C violations below the deck of the airship, and any S07A,B,D violation: YELLOW CARD.

Discussion on Rule Change #1: As we expect teams may use inexperienced pilots, this amounts to a warning on the first S07C violation rather than an immediate yellow card. We of course need to provide this warning, so multiple S07C violations in the match where the first violation occurs will not result in a yellow card. (Thank you, TRR!)

Rule Change #2: No reserve gear will be provided in the airship.

Discussion on Rule Change #2: After a full season of FIRST Steamworks, we expect teams to be able to coordinate well enough to not need the reserve gear. (Thank you, TRR!)

Rule Change #3: The top 8 teams are not allowed to select each other. The selection sequence will be serpentine, 1-8, 8-1, and 8-1. (Thank you, Robot Remix)

Thanks to the entire group who worked to put this together! We’ve been in need of a nearby offseason event and this one looks like it will exactly fit our schedule. Up until now, the nearest has usually been 6+ hours away and tricky scheduling for us. I don’t think we’ll even need to miss school for this one despite it being a two-day event. Awesome.

Hopefully we can get an Oklahoma offseason going in a couple of years, but we’re extremely grateful to our neighboring states for the opportunities they provide to play in FRC.

A summer competition in OKC would be on my radar (only 4.5 hours travel). There aren’t many many Though I understand that having a fall competition is nice for the region (new students, mentors training, etc) and I like Kansas City’s CTTD being in late October.

Shadetree Robotics will be there.

I think we could potentially get a few teams from N. Texas, Kansas City, and Arkansas into OKC for one, even in the summer. So we’ll see! There is no actionable plan for one at the moment, but it’s something that some of us have been discussing.

As for the NTX event – 2723 Team Rocket is officially signed up and looking forward to it!

Is the event going to be live streamed? And if so where?


Yes, Spectrum drove up tonight to setup our equipment in the morning.

and it will be on TBA Gameday as well.

Matches from this evening are here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTocT0DivsNnd6j2JM59ipbtYE8GdSLq6&disable_polymer=true

We will start the streams again at 8:30am tomorrow morning.

Match Results and Ranks are posted to TBA.

FMS sync is working today(edit it was working, now not so much) so all the match results are going up live with match breakdowns to TBA. We are also getting matches uploaded right after they are played.

Thanks to all the organizers! This was a well-run event, especially for your first go-round. We got to run a bunch of different people through the drive team, had newbies get hands on with fixing our many robot issues (it was finally running well for the playoffs), and let them and their parents experience the atmosphere of an FRC event for the first time. Your event was a great introduction for them, and we really appreciate having an offseason within a three hour drive.

It was also good to see many of our Texas friends again. We’ll be in San Antonio in Week 6 (not sure about our other one - the ones that fit our schedule are mostly filled up - but maybe Dallas if we can get in on the wait list).

Great event! Thanks to all the NTX directors and volunteers and FRC5431 for hosting the event. It was very smooth and well run, even finished early! We got to have a bunch of different drivers drive two robots - invaluable development and training time. Our junior teams had a blast doing the field reset. We’ll be back!

Come see the second annual NTX Tournament of Robots! Bring the family! Admission is free!

Robotics competition at Ford Middle School 630 Park Place Drive in Allen TX 8:30-6 Saturday and Sunday!