'Nuff Said

“when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”

Time to settle the score of all these amateur-hour 775pro drive trains being posted, because the only way to do it right is use** EVERY** slot on the PDP.
That’s how dad did it, that’s how America does it, and it should work out reasonably well.

I present to you the final word in 775 drive train design:
The 8 775pro single speed gearbox, because who needs to shift when you have this much power?!?!

its missing a few details, but you get the idea. #775s4days

Make sure to voltage cap at 25% so that it’s less power than a 2 cim drive.

2 HP traction-limited crab drive?

I’m sure if you tried you could probably couple a 775pro to the backshaft of another 775pro via a little pressfit coupling, it’d save you some gearing and drop the part count maybe?



:eek: Tesla Model S Performance Drivetrain: FRC Edition? :smiley: :cool:

Bring it back

Slip rings on slip rings on slip rings. :rolleyes:

Somewhat kidding but also not… can you post the CAD files for it?


Ok, so let’s take this idea and run with it. If you dedicate your entire robot to being just a tank drive for whatever reasons, just how much power can you throw at it and how do you do it?


Here’s an idea: wrap your 775pros in gum rubber, mount the shafts to your chassis, throw a couple slip rings in there, and voila, a 775pro-wheel drive. Because who needs gearing?

This is a work of art. :smiley:

Why do i hear “Tim the tool man Taylor” in the background?

How many PDPs may I use?

Unless you can convince Good Guy Frank to sneak you another, just one!

This is just an abuse of power

No, this is just one side. That would be a 7HP drivetrain.


THIS, literally. 16 775pro motors is the literal power output limit.

5.5 KILOwatts

With this gearing what is the fps? Pick your wheels. With that much power and maybe assuming more than 1 battery what could it be with still reasonable acceleration?

Math puts a fairly hard limit at around 0.8 G’s acceleration using the wheels we have available, you can’t accelerate much faster than that without some super material wheel.