Null HATCH PANELS counted in score


Our team was watching some Week 1 matches to prepare for our first regional and we watched that in Orange County semifinal 1, the red alliance prepopulated 6 null hatches, but then when they placed cargo on the bays that had a null panel, they sometimes counted it to their score. Is there any rule we’re missing or was it a scoring mistake?


Are you saying that the preloaded Null Hatch Panels were falsely counted as regular Hatch Panels? It looks like there may have been an issue on the on-screen (unofficial) scoreboard, but the official scores seem correct:


Thanks, guess we jumped to conclusions too fast


Yeah I noticed one mutilple matches, that null panels were “tallied” with cargo, but not counted.

To anyone scouting, did this mess you up at all?


I was watching the livestream of Del Mar for parts of Saturday and Sunday, and we noticed at least one match there too where null hatch panels seemed to be scored as regular hatch panels. We just had it up on the projector while the team was working this weekend, so none of us were watching closely enough to figure out whether it happened consistently or showed in the true scores vs just on-screen.


If a Null Panel is entered on the score tablet before the match starts, it’s not possible to indicate a regular Panel scoring. That choice isn’t given - it’s either a Null Panel alone, or a Null Panel with a Cargo.


Table 5-1 explains null hatch scoring.