Posted by Donn Griffith.

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Posted on 2/7/2000 5:39 PM MST

In figure 2.1 on page 6 of the competition manual states that the number 16 wire should be white.
Our question is: Is white the only color allowed or can other colors be used in place of white?

Posted by Joe Johnson.   [PICTURE: SAME | NEW | HELP]

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Posted on 2/7/2000 7:59 PM MST

In Reply to: NUMBER 16 WIRE posted by Donn Griffith on 2/7/2000 5:39 PM MST:

I think that you may be able to use Red 16 gauge as well if you are using it to conduct a constant 12V or 5V. I have copied the rule sections below.

By the way, of course, you can use 16 gauge Black wire also.

Joe J.

C4. The wire supplied in the Kit may be used to conduct electricity. Additional wire
may be used as long as it meets the gauge and insulation color requirements as
described in Section 2.

C22. All wires distributing power with a constant polarity (i.e. not a Relay Module or
Speed Controller output) must be color coded as follows:
Use Red or White wire for +12 Vdc and +5 Vdc connections.
Use Black wire for Ground connections.

Additional Hardware List:
Control System
Wire Proper gauge, color & insulated