Number of Chairman's Teams From Districts

Does anyone know where I can find out how many Chairman’s Award teams each of the District Champioships get to send to the Worlds?

I thought it was in the rules somewhere but I couldn’t find it. I thought that perhaps because the rules didn’t explicitly say X go from District Y, etc. that the answer must be 1 per District Championships (just like they don’t say anything about how many go from each Regional – the assumption was 1). BUT…

Then I looked at last year’s rules. Same silence but of course, NE sent 4 Chairman’s Teams (see here) So there goes another perfectly good theory shot to heck.

Anybody know?

As long as I’m asking, how many Rookie Allstars and Engineering Inspiration Teams as well? (If you’re wondering, NE sent 2 of each to Worlds last year).

Also, any theories as to why this isn’t just published in an obvious place (in the rules for example?)

Dr. Joe J.

I believe it is up to the district systems themselves to decide where their allotted slots go to, rather than being dictated by FIRST HQ. All FIRST HQ does is tell them how many World Champs slots they have. Last year, MAR sent 2 teams via Chairman’s, 2 teams via Engineering Inspiration, and 1 team via Rookie All-Star to St. Louis.

AFAIK, Districts decide.
The only things dictated are the point structure and that the 3/4 District Championship robot winners advance, regardless of points.

Indiana will have 1 Chairman’s, 1 EI, and 1 RAS.

So, 6 of our 10 district slots available are given based on same criteria as a regional.

I don’t know about the other districts, but Indiana is going to send 1 each of Chairman’s, EI, and RAS to Worlds.

EDIT: Mr. Cool beat me to it.

Michigan sends 3 Chairman’s, 1 EI and 1 RAS because of the number of teams in the state.

In 2008, Michigan sent three teams, one from each of the three regionals. They continued to send three in 2009 when they switch to districts and are still sending three as of last year. I don’t know if it is still three with the expanded district championship, but if I were to guess I’d stick with three.

FIRST has limits that are not officially codified in the manual but I believe Frank posted about them in a blog back in 2013. Relevant section below:

For the 2014 season, allocation ranges will be as follows:

For Chairman’s Award:

One Chairman’s Award for every 6 to 10 allocated FIRST Championship slots, rounded to the nearest whole number.

In practice, for 2014, this means the New England and Pacific Northwest Districts can select 2 to 4 Chairman’s Award winners, the Mid-Atlantic Robotics District can select 2 or 3, and Michigan can select 3 to 5

For Engineering Inspiration Award:

All Districts, 1 or 2

For Rookie All Star Award:

All Districts, 1 or 2

For FIRST Dean’s List Award:

One FIRST Dean’s List Finalist for every 4 to 6 allocated FIRST Championship slots, rounded to the nearest whole number.

In practice, for 2014, this means the New England and Pacific Northwest Districts can select 4 to 6 FIRST Dean’s List Award Finalists, the Mid-Atlantic Robotics District can select 3 to 5, and Michigan can select 5 to 8

For all other judged awards presented at the District Championship, including the Woodie Flowers Finalist Award, there will be a single winner.

I do not remember seeing any awards allocation updates for this season, so it may be the same. I imagine chatter here or an email to the director would get this answered (maybe even a Q&A under the Awards Section of the Admin Manual if it’s not there?). I think it probably should be codified.

I thought it was based on the number of regional slots the districts takes over?
For example: Capital area District takes the place of the DC, VA and MD districts. I was assuming we would have 3, RCA, 3 IE and, 9 robot slots and 3 rookie slots.

They dropped this in 2013 probably because 1) there has never been a standard regional size and 2) Michigan has grown to the size of there being more than just 3 regionals in the state if they were still under the traditional model. I think it worked for MAR because it has never really grown beyond “2 regionals” and it always worked for Michigan because they are content on sending as many high points earners as possible. With New England actually losing slots to districts, the growth in Michigan, and the eventual global rollout of the system, some allocation has to occur eventually I guess.

One of our mentors had contacted the FIM coordinator and there will still be 3 Chairman’s awards at States.

I wonder why this isn’t something that is just published somewhere. Why do we have to know someone to call in order to find out?

Seems odd.

Dr. Joe J.