Number of fields at competition

how many fields are there at each competition

i have heard that there are 2 one for the matches and one that is open for team to practice on

if so could anyone info me as to how we are to “request” time there to work on autonomous

At the Finger Lakes Regional they had a nice practice field set up. You just waited your turn, but there were only 33 teams there. Might be different with more teams. However lighting was different than on the main field. It was great that they provided camera values each day. Yes, it did change from day to day.

During day 1 you will have four practice matches on the big field each consisting of 2 practice rounds. During the day the practice field will be open (ifs about a third of a fiekd). When you get there find where it is and go there immediatly to request time. It fills up very quickly. :ahh:

At the NJ regional there will most likely be some sort of practice area, i do not know how teams will use it at this time that will most likely be worked out by the NJ planning commitee

yes sacramento had a smalll pratice field with a loading statio, goal, high goal, and some tetras. You just signed up in advance, was great for testing. only 37 at sacramento as well, so it was really hard to get a spot

37 teams? Ppphhttt… try 62!

VCU had 62 teams and one practice field. We used it once early on Thursday. They used a reservation system, and if you spend too long on it, you’ll be kicked off. I saw one bot on there for auton, and two for capping test and other things.