number of joysteaks...

I whould like to ask if it possible to use 3 joysticks or more…?

You can up to 4 joy sticks. There are only four joy sctick ports available on the oporator interface. Or you can use a custom buton box to replace a joy stick.

hey I’m israeli too. my family lives in or yehuda. yes you can have 3 joysticks, you can even have up to 4 joysticks and it is written in the code as:


the p is the port which you can plug in the joystick to. if you want to program buttons, you will have to mess around with the code.

                 P.S. you spelled joysticks wrong. peace in the middle east my            friend.

Thanks you very much…!

I hope that will be peace in here … :slight_smile:

It should actually be:

pwm## = p1_y;
pwm## = p2_y;
pwm## = p3_y;
pwm## = p4_y;

Or if you’re using the X axis of the joystick, then use p1_x; etc.

actually if you are willing to design a custom box you can have 16 joysticks if they only use one direction each ( front and back or side to side).

Actually the most you can have is 6. Two of the ports can be “Y-Cabled” to make more sticks available. The only thing is that leaves you at a disadvantage when it comes to laying switches etc. The Y-Cable able ports are 2 and 4.

code_lacky is correct. You are not limited to just the Y cables that IFI provides schematics for. Since there are 16 available analog inputs, you could limit yourself to one axis per joystick and have 16 joysticks.