Number of motors allowed

Hello, I am from team 3373 and I am wondering the precise number of motors allowed for this game. From what I understand, teams are allowed to have 4 CIM motors. If we have these motors on the robot, are we still allowed to use all four of the banebot motors?

Yes. Four CIM motors, plus four BaneBots motors in any combination are permitted.

Plus the 4 Window Motors that came in the kit, plus the 1 FP makes 13 motors you may use on your robot (plus unlimited servos < 4W power).

To sum up: everything in the kit, total of 4 CIMs, total of 4 Banebots motors in any combination, unlimited servos.
(As written, check the 2011 KOP Checklist, but off the top of my non-official head I think the kit has 4 “medium-size” window motors, two CIMs, the 4 Banebots, and one Fisherprice.)

Robot manual:

<R45> Motors specifically permitted on 2011 FRC ROBOTS include:
A. all motors, actuators, and servos listed in the 2011 KOP Checklist,
B. an unlimited number of COTS servos with a maximum power rating of 4W ,
C. one or two additional 2½” CIM motors (part #FR801-001, M4-R0062-12, AM802-001A, or PMR25R-45F-1003) in addition to those provided in the KOP. This means that up to four, and no more, 2½” CIM motors can be used on the ROBOT,
The burden of proof that the servo meets the criteria is on the team. The team must show the appropriate data sheet to the inspector.
© FIRST 2011 FRC Game Manual, Section 3 – The Robot, Rev B Page 21 of 33
D. up to four, in any combination, of the BaneBots motors provided in the KOP (RS-775, RS-550, RS-540, RS-395),
E. identical one-to-one SPARE PARTS for motors, actuators, and servos provided in the 2011 KOP that may have failed or become damaged,
F. drive motors or fans that are part of a speed controller or COTS computing device.

To piggy back on this thread, does anyone know of any good gearboxes that accept two banebots RS-775’s?

Their website is 100% trash, and says that they are “coming soon”

To put this all in one place, the motors used on your robot can be any of the listed motors up to the quantity stated.
Up to 4 CIM motors of the type that came in the KOP per TU#1
2 left side window motors
2 right side window motors
up to four, in any combination, of the BaneBots motors provided in the KOP (RS-775, RS-550, RS-540, RS-395)
One and only one Fisher Price of the type that came in the KOP

This does not include the motors used for a minibot.