Number of motors in 2015 season

The way I’m reading the manual you are not allowed to have more than 8 motors because there are 8 40 amp ports on the PDP and all CIM, Mini-CIM, and bag motors have to be on a variable motor controller (we use talon SRs). Am I missing something or is the maximum number of CIM/mini-CIM/bag motors 8? Can talon SRs run on 30 amps?

You can have “unlimited” motors. There are no particular restrictions on what motors and controllers run on what amperage.

R37 says that motor controllers can be used on up to a 40A circuit. Less is fine, but pay attention to R38 for allowable wire gauge.

Motor controllers can be up to 40A, so you can definitely run one on a 30A breaker. CIMs are usually run on the 40A because they might be prone to tripping otherwise. For the other side of the coin, we ran a mini-CIM last year for our intake on a 30A.

Okay thanks for the help.

Note that R37 says only one motor controller can be used for every breaker terminal, and R42 limits the number of motors that can be connected to a motor controller.