Number of motors that a team can use??

Hey guys i was just wondering how many motors you can use total on your robot??

right now we have 4 cim motors, and want to use two fisher price motor/gearboxes. plus 2more motors that are undecided. Does anyone know the total amount?

also, is it legal to use 2 fisher price worm gearboxes even though the kit of parts comes with one?

thanks! team 1652

The total number of motors you can use is clearly delineated in the manual. It is: The number of motors that came in the KOP, except that the Banebots motors are mix-and-match with a total of four.

Thus, two FP motors are illegal.

As for the FP gearboxes, that depends entirely on whether or not they are available as a COTS item. If they are, then it is legal to use as many as you want (subject to cost limitations). If they are not, then you may only use the one in the KOP.

This sections of the rules is only clear on the 4 CIM and 4 Banebots mix. It clearly explains the exact number for each of those, but for FPs and Window motors, it only explains the TYPE of motor that can be used.
I assume the intent of the wording is to suggest the use of only 1 FP, but it isn’t crystal clear, and I’d also like to know EXACTLY how many FP motors we can use.

Read . Note the words “in addition to”. It’s not a suggestion that you use only one FP. It’s not a suggestion that you’re limited to the number of window motors in the KOP. It’s a requirement.

Darnit, GDC, switch the places of and already! It’ll make so much more sense that way!

Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place (first forum), but I found this response.

The note is from user, GDC (game design committee), but I don’t know if this from THE design committee or just a user that likes those initials.

No wiggle room left. Only one fisher price motor allowed.

That forum is the Official Q&A and that GDC is the Game Design Committee. Answers provided in that forum are official rules clarifications.

So, if you want to use a cots item that has a motor (ie. winch) then is this illegal ?

Unless you switch the motor out for a legal one, yes.

It would be legal as long as the motor it came with was removed and replaced with a legal motor.

EDIT: Wow, I delete a post and repost it 5 seconds later with a quote added for clarity and 2 people have already posted the same thing.

That’s the way the rules have always read.