Number of Pneumatic Pistons

I would like to know the maximum amount of pneumatic pistons you can use in 2008.

Check out section 8 of the manual…

<R89> In addition to the pneumatic cylinders provided in the Kit Of Parts and the “free” pneumatic
cylinders available for order through the Free Pneumatic Components Order Form,
additional air cylinders or rotary actuators may be used. All cylinders, regardless of source,
must be identical to those listed on the Free Pneumatic Components Order Form (e.g. same
part numbers). Any additional air cylinders must source from Bimba or Parker Hannifin, or
be recovered from prior year FIRST Kit Of Parts.

Unlimited, as per R89, posted above. However, you can only get three for free, as per the 2008 Pneumatics Manual, page 6:

Quantities of no charge custom cylinders will be limited to 3 per team. Additional cylinders can also be purchased through a Bimba or Parker-Hannifin Distributor.

you can have as many pistons as you want
but if you use too many, your compressor will have to run continuously to keep the circuit charged
remember you only have 4 storage tanks

Thanks for the quote from the rule book cause i understood that you could only use 3 of them. Thank you for your help.